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What is Perceptive Performance?

What is in a Name?

Perceptive Perceptive LLC started as the MindFullSports (MFS) blog as a part of a school project. From there it expanded into the MFS podcast. As the business itself began to grow, it was decided that a name change would be in order as the business would be available to more than just athletes. The search for a new name was on. It needed to be something that would be approachable by a multitude of individuals from diverse background, but it needed to be something that really spoke to the core of the organization. Thinking back across all of the education that brought about its creation, the one theme that could be seen throughout was an individual's relation toward internal and external stimuli. In other words, how someone perceives certain stimuli impacts their relationship to that stimuli. This in turn affects how the individual reacts towards the stimuli in a way that either increases or decreases their performance. Perception is something that utilizes all of our senses. Mind and body working together create the result of what we perceive something to be. Sport and performance psychology at its core is this relationship of mind and body.

What We Do

It needs to be stated that Perceptive Performance LLC is not a mental health organization. Our goal is not to treat or diagnose mental health conditions. The difference between a mental performance consultant and a counselor/therapist/psychologist is similar to that between a physical trainer and a medical doctor. The physical trainer (consultant) may have knowledge and education of certain conditions, and is able to build a program around an individual's needs, but they do not diagnose or treat these conditions. If a condition is identified during the course of a program, the physical trainer (consultant) can suggest and refer a client to a medical doctor (counselor/therapist/psychologist) to diagnose and treat the condition.

Perceptive Performance LLC works with issues that arise specifically relating to performance. Anxiety in big moments, staying focused and attentive in the moment, reaching a flow state, processing and progressing through injury, and more. If through our time together, it is determined that there is something deeper that is impacting our progress, we are happy to work with you in finding a qualified professional and create a plan together for moving forward. This is a TEAM EFFORT and we are here to support our clients in any way we can.

Our Values

At Perceptive Performance LLC, we value honesty & integrity, effort, responsibility, accountability, and a growth mindset. What do each of these mean?

- Honesty & Integrity: The truth can be uncomfortable and difficult. However, if we are honest with others and ourselves, and place a high value on our integrity, then we can be proud of the things that we accomplish and are able to adhere to the other core values. We will strive to always be honest and straight forward with our clients and ask the same from each of them.

- Effort: Just as with physical training, mental training is not some mystical art where you chant a mantra and change happens. It requires effort. Effort does not automatically grant you success. Sometimes effort is not giving your very best, but giving what you have available to give. Without honest effort with the process, it can become increasingly difficult or even impossible to reach a given goal. Effort from Perceptive Performance's side includes making sure that techniques that are taught are scientifically backed. It means being prepared for each and every session with a client. Continuing education and staying up-to-date is also a part of effort. Lastly, it includes all of the behind-the-scenes work to build connections with other professionals to ensure appropriate resources are available to set our clients up for success.

- Responsibility: We are responsible for our own actions and choices. Whether the outcome is good or bad, if responsibility is not appropriately distributed, then we unnecessarily burden ourselves and others. We are not responsible for our action, then we cannot grow. If we are responsible for other's actions then we chain ourselves from reaching our full potential. Perceptive Performance understands the immense responsibility that we have to our clients given the nature of our work. We take this responsibility seriously and welcome being help accountable to this responsibility

- Accountability: According to Merriam-Webster, accountability is obligation or willingness to accept responsibility. It is one thing to acknowledge responsibility, it is another to be accountable for it. This includes accepting the consequences (good or bad) of our actions as well. Accountability can be a passive acceptance or an active desire to be held to a set of standards. The latter is what we strive to do. We actively seek to reach a set of standards that puts the best interest of our clients at the forefront.

- Growth Mindset: The encompassing value that ties each of the others together is a growth mindset. No matter where we are in our journey, there is always something to improve upon. Perfection is impossible and failure is not an option. So where does this leave us? We are left in a position of lifelong progress. We are all human. Mistakes are inevitable. Our perception (pun intended) of these can be a negative focus on failure or an opportunity to learn and grow. If you are better today than you were yesterday, then you have succeeded in growth and improvement. A growth mindset makes it significantly easier to adhere to the rest of our values.

Mission Focus

Our mission at Perceptive Performance LLC is to help teach and train individuals the skills necessary to improve performance. This is done with scientifically-based techniques that allow individuals to change their perception of themselves and the world around them in a way that helps them unlock their performance levels.

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