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It Takes A Team

Updated: May 6, 2023

However, a coach’s struggles may not always appear as evident a player’s does. In almost every sport, the coach is either not involved during the competition or is overshadowed by the team. An athlete’s or team’s performance in the competition is not always a direct result of coaching. Some athletes or teams may be able to overcome subpar coaching. This means that it is up to others to help identify, bring attention to, and address the coach’s challenges. Athletes can struggle with this due to the dynamic of the relationship. Parents are not always around to see what happens in the background. This puts a lot of the responsibility on the sports administrators. Those who oversee the organization, whether it be school, professional, recreational, or amateur need to be checking in with their coaches as well.

Supporting coaches can help allow them to perform their jobs better. They are humans too just like the athletes. Often, a coach’s struggles are expressed as anger or a short temper, a lack of energy and enthusiasm, or even not calling the types of plays that they normally do. These are just some of the things to watch for in your or your athlete’s coaches. Let us truly be a team and take care of ALL our teammates.

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